lucy & matt


Every time I receive an email from Lucy, my day instantly gets better.  She is always so positive, happy, and kind that it can’t help but put you in a great mood.  She and Matt are so sweet together and they braved the very cold and windy DC winter weather for their engagement session.  I had such a wonderful time wandering around some of the classic areas of Washington DC while getting to know these two.  Lucy and Matt, I cannot wait for your wedding this May!

Lucy Young


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lake winter weekend


If you follow me on Instagram, then I am sure you know by now that I love spending time on the lake.  In the summer it is obviously a blast but even in the winter, we really enjoy spending a weekend on the water just relaxing.  A couple months back we went down to hang for the weekend – we grilled, played corn hole, did some skeet shooting (the boys at least), and just relaxed.  That Sunday I decided to take out my camera and shoot some film because far too often I forget to take pictures to just remember a random weekend.   Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-26Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-7Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-27Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-25Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-16Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-24Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-11Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-28Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-29Lake_Winter_Weekend_Blog-20

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This past December, I had the opportunity to photograph sweet baby Grady and his family at their home.  This little guy is so cute (although he didn’t love us taking his photo!) and I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites.Grady_Newborn_Maryland-16Grady_Newborn_Maryland-28Grady_Newborn_Maryland-33Grady_Newborn_Maryland-23Grady_Newborn_Maryland-29Grady_Newborn_Maryland-22Grady_Newborn_Maryland-30Grady_Newborn_Maryland-24Grady_Newborn_Maryland-27Grady_Newborn_Maryland-31

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tate and his family


With the holidays comes lots of family sessions, which I love because it allows me to spend time with little cuties like this guy! Heather and I went to high school together and I was so excited when she contacted me about photographing her adorable family.  Tate is such a sweet kid and his eyes + his smile + his curls, too cute.  I had such a great afternoon with these three and hope you enjoy some of my favorites.Tate_Family_Maryland-31Tate_Family_Maryland-32Tate_Family_Maryland-52Tate_Family_Maryland-26Tate_Family_Maryland-25Tate_Family_Maryland-51Tate_Family_Maryland-27Tate_Family_Maryland-33

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