jill & joe


Meeting these two for the first time a few weeks back was absolutely wonderful as they are both so kind and genuine.  Jill was incredible leading up to their session and researched beautiful and meaningful backdrops for their engagement photos (we finished the session in the spot where Joe proposed!).  I loved photographing at new places in DC and you will see how much I adored all the ivy we encountered.  I cannot wait for their wedding next year but for now, enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement.

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lauren & brendan


I love absolutely everything about these two and had such a wonderful time photographing them a few weeks ago.  Lauren and I went to college together and I was so honored when she asked if I would take their engagement pictures.  Lauren is gorgeous and has fabulous style and Brendan, tall and handsome, constantly makes Lauren laugh.  I always feel so blessed after photographing a couple like this because having a job that shows you and reminds you how to love is an incredible gift.    Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_60Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_61Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-37Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_68Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-40Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_69Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_73Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-50Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_70Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_72Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-3Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virgnia_Engagement_63Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-41Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-42Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-5Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement-43Lauren_Brendan_Northern_Virginia_Engagement_64


Ash! You did such a great job! I love the champagne pic!!

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justine & ken: a classic virginia wedding


Justine & Ken were married on what turned out to be a beautiful August day, which for those of you from the DMV know is rare!  Justine’s family is very near and dear to my heart as I grew up with them and they are some of the most genuinely kind people I know.  I had not met Ken prior to the wedding day and it brought me so much joy to see how incredibly happy these two make each other and how perfect Ken is for Justine.  He cares for her in a way that can only be explained through witnessing it and they constantly make each other laugh.  I cannot thank these two enough for allowing me to be part of their special day and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.


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kelly & adam: a mexico mini session


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably know I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago for one of my best friends’ wedding (their engagement photos are some of my absolute favorites).  The week in Mexico was absolutely gorgeous and such an amazing time!  I brought my film camera along with me in hopes of shooting at least some film and on our last night just before sunset, Kelly (Kristin’s younger sister), Adam (her boyfriend) and I decided to have a last minute impromptu mini-session.  Although I already knew these two were absolutely adorable together and a whole lot of fun, photographing them just made it even more apparent.  Even though it was a super short session, I am so thankful for this session pushing me to shoot more film. Kelly_Adam_Mexico_24Kelly_Adam_Mexico_23Kelly_Adam_Mexico-19Kelly_Adam_Mexico_25Kelly_Adam_Mexico_30Kelly_Adam_Mexico-3Kelly_Adam_Mexico_29Kelly_Adam_Mexico_28

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A few weeks back, the Gedeon family welcomed me into their home to photograph their latest addition, a beautiful little girl named Olive (how adorable is that name?).  LeeAnn and Dave are some the nicest people you could ever meet and already such amazing parents to this little lady.  Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their lifestyle session.  Gedeon_Family_Virginia-6Gedeon_Family_Virginia_53Gedeon_Family_Virginia-10Gedeon_Family_Virginia_52Gedeon_Family_Virginia-16Gedeon_Family_Virginia_56Gedeon_Family_Virginia-7Gedeon_Family_Virginia_51Gedeon_Family_Virginia-5Gedeon_Family_Virginia_57Gedeon_Family_Virginia_59Gedeon_Family_Virginia-14Gedeon_Family_Virginia_55Gedeon_Family_Virginia-13Gedeon_Family_Virginia_60Gedeon_Family_Virginia-63

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