winter bridal shower inspiration

e_bridalshower_virginiaSince many of us on the east coast are snowed in today (we have at least 16 inches thus far), I decided sharing some winter inspiration was fitting.  One of my best friends is getting married in May and this past December we threw her a ‘winter themed’ bridal shower brunch.  Another one of my best friends, Kristin (you may have seen her engagement session), planned this entire shower from afar and pulled everything together so beautifully.  I have never seen a group of ladies, each with their own set of decor and food, come together in such a short period of time (one hour) to pull off an event – it was incredible!  We had such a wonderful time celebrating Elizabeth and Craig and I am so thankful for her and all of my friends that were present at this shower.  Hope you all enjoy and stay warm!   e_bridalshower_virginia-12e_bridalshower_virginia-17e_bridalshower_virginia-3e_bridalshower_virginia-1e_bridalshower_virginia6e_bridalshower_virginia-11e_bridalshower_virginia-23e_bridalshower_virginia3e_bridalshower_virginia-10e_bridalshower_virginia4e_bridalshower_virginia-19e_bridalshower_virginia-13e_bridalshower_virginia5e_bridalshower_virginia7

How lovely!!!! So well captured my friend :)

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addison lane

Addie_BabyPortraits_NC_AshleyRelvas-2This past August my amazing friends, Lauren and Paul, welcomed their first child into the world – miss Addison Lane.  Due to life being crazy, we were not able to get down to visit them and meet this little lady until just a few weeks ago and I was so excited to finally do so!  While visiting, we obviously decided to take some impromptu photos and I even got Lauren and Paul to get in some.  Addison just melts your heart with her precious smile and adorable cheeks – I may be biased, but she might be the cutest baby I’ve ever met.  Lauren and Paul are such amazing parents and I admire how natural and at ease they are with their new addition.  The funniest part of photographing Addison was when we wanted a really big smile out of her, Lauren and Meredith (our best friend who also came with us) would sing “what does the fox say” and she would immediately start smiling and laughing haha.  I will warn you ahead of time, this post is a little long but I just couldn’t get enough of her cuteness (or her little feet)!



Beautiful photos Ashley!


Ashley!!! These are just so amazing. Can’t thank you enough!! You captured her so well! I love them all. You are the best!!!
We love you and miss you!

Casey Wright

These are amazing pics of Addison. She is to die for.

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featured: southern weddings facebook friday

So this post is slightly delayed, but I am so excited and honored to have had Kristin and Robert’s engagement session featured on Southern Weddings Facebook Friday on January 10th!  You can check out the photos on Facebook here and read about it on the Southern Weddings blog here.  Southern Weddings is one of my absolute favorite publications and I adore how they continuously focus on the importance of marriage and celebrate it throughout all of their work.  I feel truly blessed to have had this session featured with them and loved seeing Kristin and Robert’s session shared with so many others that love Southern Weddings too.  If you haven’t seen it already, go check it out!



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the itté family


Meet the Itté family!  Marisa (one of these three beautiful daughters) and I grew up together and back in December I received the sweetest message from her – she explained that she and her sisters would like to surprise their mom with a family photo session for her birthday (such sweet children, right?).  I absolutely adore this wonderful family and miss spending time with them, so this was a very exciting opportunity.  Just before the holidays got into full swing, we met up at Brookside Gardens on a quiet Saturday to capture a few new family photos.  These ladies are stunning, both inside and out, and Charles is one lucky man!  One of my favorite moments from the session was when Marisa asked me if I would like them to hold hands.  I responded saying they didn’t need to do anything out of the norm just for picture purposes and her response instantly brought a smile to my face, “No no, holding hands is completely normal. We hold hands as a family all of the time.”



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